Hackers Dump New Arizona Law Enforcement Documents

AntiSec attack focused on specific officers' email accounts

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LulzSec may be finished, but its Operation Anti-Security lives on, and its participants have been active. Today, they released a second batch of documents from Arizona law enforcement, following on their similar dump last week that exposed a hodgepodge of Arizona policing documents from confidential information to mundane work schedules.

Today's dump is more focused, targeting individual officers, according to AntiSec's brief introduction: "This leak has names, addresses, phone numbers, passwords, social security numbers, online dating account info, voicemails, chat logs, and seductive girlfriend pictures belonging to a dozen Arizona police officers. We found more internal police reports, cops forwarding racist chain emails, k9 drug unit cops who use percocets, and a convicted sex offender who was part of FOP Maricopa Lodge Five."

After the last data dump, which also included officers' personal information, at least one Arizona police officer took his family into hiding. This dump will likely have a big effect on those officers it targets, though no fallout has been reported so far. The AntiSec release singled out Arizona Department of Public Safety spokesman Stephen Harrison, for "bragging to the news about how they are upgrading their security and how they will catch the evil hackers who exposed them." It said it was keeping secret information for former DPS officer Jeff Wilson, who is currently suing the department for racial discrimination. "We welcome Wilson's attempts to expose his racist administrators and so we won't be releasing his info."

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