Fire Chief Says Los Alamos Laboratory Is Safe From Flames

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This morning, Los Alamos fire Chief Doug Tucker told CNN that the nuclear laboratory nearby an advancing New Mexico wildfire will be safe from the flames: "We feel very comfortable that material is secure," he said. Despite assurances, concerns about the fire's proximity to the Los Alamos National Laboratory have been mounting since flames have forced the nearby town's residents to evacuate and subsequently burned over 60,000 acres. ABC News is reporting that the Environmental Protection Agency is taking action by checking for radiation in smoke plumes:

Such fear has prompted the Environmental Protection Agency to bring in air monitors, along with a special airplane that checks for radiation levels. So far officials have not been able to find anything.

And CNN relays the extra precautions taken on-the-ground at the forty-square-mile nuclear laboratory:

[Fire chief] Tucker said that the waste, which is stored in drums, are kept on a blacktop with no vegetation around and are safe from fire. In case the fire was to close in, firefighters were ready to use foam to ensure that nothing would be released into the environment, he said.

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