Cops Return to Long Island Body Search

Aerial photos to guide. Meanwhile, tourists are saying odd stuff

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Authorities are returning to Long Island beaches in their ongoing search for more bodies to go with the ten they have already found. Using a stack of aerial photos taken by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the search will focus on areas east of the locations at Jones Beach and Gilgo Beach where bodies were found previously. Police have said at least one person was responsible for killing four victims found grouped together, all of whom had worked as prostitutes through Craigslist. Of another two sets of remains, one has been identified as a sex worker as well, and police have said she and another woman were killed by a second killer.

But as the macabre work continues, tourists haven't shied away from the coast so far this season. WNYC went out and found some last week and got some really choice quotes. In particular, one Joe Guaghan seemed oddly taken with the idea of the beach as a dumping ground: "It's a wonderful place; if I were a serial killer I'd bury them there too, here, you know? It's a nice secluded spot." Um, he might want to hold off on comments like that until after they make an arrest.

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