No Break for Bloomberg Executives at Le Cirque

One of New York's fanciest restaurants keeps a Bloomberg terminal at the bar

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In what seems like a strange move for a restaurant, especially a super high-end one dedicated to transcending the everyday with its "modern, circus themed dining room," New York's ultra-fancy Le Cirque apparently has a Bloomberg terminal by the bar. This is not news. A tweet and a Yelp review first mentioned it around the end of January, then CNN executive producer Jonathan Wald mentioned it again today. But it's a weird thing for them to do, don't you think? A reservationist said the restaurant had installed the terminal because it was in the Bloomberg building, and employees of the service often came there for drinks. Seems a shame for them never to be able to leave their work at the office, though. Let's hope the restaurant is getting a tenant's discount on the service: Bloomberg terminals for newsrooms and offices rent for about $1,500 a month. At least it's free for customers.

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