World Fails to End

No zombies, no earthquakes, no brimstone -- nothing

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News that the world is not, in fact, ending today came as early as last night when New Zealand and other areas in the Pacific Ocean passed 6 p.m. without erupting into earthquakes and boiling into the Pacific, the Telegraph reports. Contrary to Harold Camping's predictions, there were no zombies, no true believers hurtling skywards, no arch-angels, no trumpeters, nothing.

Naturally some were disappointed. There is no word yet from Camping, whose website is down. We wonder if he's been watching the reports, or if he promised to not to peek outside until 6 p.m., as though it would be like spoiling a Christmas present.

The news broke, needless to say, via Twitter. John Gall of Melbourne tweeted, "Well we have had the #Rapture going for 50 minutes now. So far it hasn't interrupted my fish & chips and glass of stout." Of course, not everyone was so quick to believe. The Point KWPT tweeted: "Just a reminder, things do not always run on time. There is no reason to jump to conclusions."

If you're likewise still on apocalypse-watch, Gawker has posted a livestream where you can watch New York as Christian souls get raptured to the sky. So far, not much has happened. It's actually the first beautiful day in New York in weeks. Ah, well. At least Gawker offers some helpful tips for embarrassed believers in the event the rapture never occurs, such as "Act Casual" and "Pretend You Just Woke Up From a Years-Long Walking Coma."

Or you can keep the dream alive by buying the New York Daily News, whose cover was a major favorite for today:

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