Police Nab Suspect Who Barged Into Missouri Army Base

The man also fired on police and wandered onto a university campus

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A former convict who plowed through the gate of a Missouri Army base and fired at pursuing vehicles with an AK-47 has now been apprehended. Cody N. Willcoxson, (shown above in a Sheriff's handout) also wandered through the Missouri University of Science and Technology campus, causing it to go on lockdown. The gunman's presence on campus lead early, errant Twitter reports to suggest that shots had also been fired there.

According to the Associated Press, Willcoxson tried to use a fake ID to get into the Fort Leonard Wood base for an--as of now--unexplained reason. After a security guard recognized that the ID wasn't "legitimate," the suspect drove through the gate and a 5 hour high-speed chase ensued that led the gunman through McNutt Hall on the university campus and ended with Willcoxson reportedly being shot, but taken alive. He's currently being held on $1 million dollar bond and faces four charges of felony assault. No one other than the suspect was reported hurt.

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