Overstating the Case

I knew the whole "hiding behind his wife, while licking shots" narrative sounded too pat:

Mr. Brennan also said then that Bin Laden used his wife as a "human shield." But officials now say that the death of another woman in the crossfire on another floor led them to draw that false conclusion.

The extra flourish was just a little too Dr. Evil. Of course the editing of details will feed the rise of deathers, whom Fox News are now giving play. But I'm with Fallows on the notion of releasing photos of a cadaverous Bin Laden:

. I have already heard from a number of people, including one friend, who warn me against believing the "official" story that bin Laden was killed three days ago. (In some of their versions, he died long ago; in others, he's still alive.) I cannot imagine any "official" photo changing their minds, but I can imagine a general coarsening because of the photos, and specific blowback among those prone to considering bin Laden a "martyr." Pictures of his disfigured head would become the lasting historic image of this episode.

They'll probably release the photo anyway. But it will do nothing to change anyone's mind.