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Suspicions the Long Island killer has law enforcement leads to an outpouring of tales

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On Sunday, news broke that two officers from the New York Police Department were being eyed in the ongoing investigation into a stash of bodies found on a remote stretch of beach in Long Island. The officers had reportedly been disciplined within the NYPD for hiring (and even assaulting) prostitutes while on duty. According to the New York Post, "One cop was forced out of the job in the 1990s when his supervisors learned he spent time pursuing hookers and paying street walkers and down-and-out women for sex while he was supposed to be on patrol." The other, "still works for the NYPD but was stripped of his gun and badge years ago because he allegedly assaulted a prostitute and got arrested during a sting operation." The department told Newsday on Sunday that the report was false, but the story has set off Internet discussion of the sorts of characters that sometimes crop up in law enforcement. Users of Thee Rant message board for police and other emergency personnel -- the site says it requires users to provide proof of employment before they'll set up an account -- have been sharing stories that would put Harvey Keitel's Bad Lieutenant to shame.

A user identified as FiftyOneFive Oh recalled a colleague who got arrested after abducting a prostitute:

I recall a guy who worked in MCB [Manhattan Central Booking] way back when who abducted a #%%*%+ in the Bronx and was grabbed in the act by on-duty MOS [member of service, a working cop].  I dunno what ever happened to him. 

Immediately below, Elmo334 answered the question:

He was convicted and did time. He was also put through line-ups because the Bronx DA though [sic] he was responsible for missing hookers. Turns out the person responsible for those was [infamous Long Island serial killer] Joel Rifkin. He was lucky he didn't look anything like him! 

FiftyOneFive Oh also shared this lovely anecdote about a cop assaulting a sex worker in broad daylight:

I also saw a cop from the 9th [precinct, located in the East Village] (who had tattoos on his neck in the late 90's,  years before that became "fashionable") abduct and sexually assault a street walker in his vehicle,  in broad daylight.  He also got grabbed by on-duty 60 Pct. cops but fled the scene,  only to get picked up by the merry men from IAB [Internal Affairs Bureau] that same day.  I really was astonished that  a NYC cop  had clearly visable tattoos on his neck at that time.  The pros had no problem picking his picture out on the photo manager.

User NYNighthawk had a few scandalous tales to tell, along with the quip, "I met some of the greatest cops in the world in the NYPD and I met some of the worst people who were wearing NYPD uniforms":

The 47th Pct [Edenwald, Bronx] back in the 80's had some strange ducks wearing uniforms, Fioretti for one comes to mind. Never liked the guy - always got bad vibes from him and look how is wife is still missing almost 30 yrs later.

Another character, let's call him Harry Bromo - gets caught off-duty exposing himself to passing traffic on the LIE. He was wearing spandex pants that has no zipper and showing the world his pecker while taking a leak facing the traffic...

Another nut job comes to the 47th Pct after a 6 month suspension and is a bigamist! Has 2 separate families with children and goes about his business.

Last but not least, a guy on the pros detail in the Pct meets up with hookers he collars after work. Enjoys their private company off duty- everyone thought he was the craziest and happiest guy in the world!

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