In the Future, New Yorkers Will Be Hailing Boxy Nissan Vans

The "taxi of tomorrow" beat out similar unwieldy designs from Ford and Karsan

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A boxy-looking Nissan van has beaten out similar unwieldy-looking proposals from Ford and Karsan to become New York City's Taxi of Tomorrow, the Times has confirmed. The contest set out to identify a new model to replace the city's 13,000 cabs with a single design.

Mayor Bloomberg is set to make the announcement on Tuesday detailing exactly why the Nissan van was a better option than the Karsan or Ford models. The Karsan model, in particular, had been touted for its glass moon roof, as opposed to the "fairly prosaic design" of the Nissan. But the brand's perceived reliability won out in the end (and it appears that the Nissan version is equipped with a tourist-friendly glass roof also, although you can't tell from the image above).

Here's the interior of a cab you'll probably be hailing around 2014, complete with a red bow-tie. Looks roomy:

And the losing designs from Ford:

And Karsan:

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