Yale Fraternity Suspended After Chanting Misogynistic Slogans

Delta Kappa Epsilon won't be on campus for five years

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Last October, Yale's Delta Kappa Epsilon had pledges shout misogynistic slurs while being blindfolded around campus. It's taken seven months, but the administration has deliberated on a punishment: the fraternity will be suspended from activities and recruiting on campus for five years.

Yale's Executive Committee found that DKE members were "threatening and intimidating others that night" when the new pledges had to yell things like "No means yes, yes means anal" and "My name is Jack, I'm a necrophiliac," the school's newspaper reported.

Last year's idiocy had far larger implications that a typical fraternity scandal. It directly led to 16 students filing a complaint with the Department of Education alleging that the institution violated its Title IX Registration, which bars colleges from discriminating on the basis of gender and promoting a "hostile" environment for women. By the Wall Street Journal's estimation, the Ivy League school could lose $500 million dollars in federal funds if its found to be at fault. Yale has asked the DKE national organization to suspend the chapter--which at one time included both former Bush presidents--for five years.

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