An Exclusive Report from Inside DSK's New House

We peer over to the next cubicle to bring you this breaking report

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The Atlantic Wire has landed an exclusive interview with a source who was recently inside the townhouse Dominique Strauss-Kahn is living out his house-arrest: The Atlantic Wire's Adam Clark Estes, who is sitting in the next cubicle over.

The TriBeCa property had been on the market for some time, and in an effort to expose it to the eyes of young, rich creative types, the real estate agents have been renting it out to for parties, including the launch of Dan Abrams's Mogulite on May 17, before anyone knew the most famous perp in New York would soon be moving in. They are now quite happy about the coincidence.

So, Adam, what did you notice when you walked in? "One blogger I overheard said it seemed like the kind of artwork Patrick Bateman from American Psycho would hang in his apartment," Estes said. "The party planners had to hire security to guard one of the pieces. It was downstairs and you had to take your shoes off to go in and view it. I didn't do that." (For the record, Mogulite says it was a "dramatic faux crystal likeness of Al Pacino." Seems our source missed that one.) "We were actually joking about how the real estate broker probably gave Dan Abrams a good deal in hopes that one of the bloggers at the party might give it a mention in Gawker or The New York Observer," Estes said. "It was actually a pretty low-budget party. The drinks were provided by the sponsors, Moonshine whiskey and Lot 18 wine. Funny thing was the booze company, the rep was some former reality TV star off of Road Rules."

Gawker's Maureen O'Connor was there as well, and has been tweeting about it today: "There is a fancy 'entertainment center.' At the time, it was decorated with velvet-and-rhinestone pictures of the stars of The Godfather," she wrote. Mogulite's Hillary Reinsberg, meanwhile, was taken with the hallway full of hidden doorways. "The wall is full of hidden doors, which might open should you press them in the right manner. Among the hidden treasures you might find in this hidden wall of treasures are: a sleek modern bathroom, a couple coat closets and a maid’s room." That's right, a maid's room. Presumably that will stay empty.

This article is from the archive of our partner The Wire.