Pretty Much Everything Will Make You Overeat

A list of habits that researchers have linked to overeating

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In our previous chronicles of overdetermination, we've learned that pretty much everything can predict the winner of the Super Bowl and everything has more germs than a toilet bowl. Today we look at what's making you overeat.

Researchers recently found that simply seeing fat people can lead to overeating. Their study consisted of a small number of participants looking at either "a fat person, a normal-weight person, or a lamp." People who looked at the "fat person" ate more candy afterwards. But if you think just averting your gaze from fat people will make you skinny, you're sadly mistaken. Here's a small sample of other things that researchers have also linked to overeating. If you lump these all together, a quest to lose weight feels comically daunting.

Things Research Linked to Overeating:

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