DSK Press Gather Outside Classic Movie Heist Building

The "undisclosed" location already has a growing throng of cameras outside of it

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Saturday Update: DSK did not sleep at 15 Maiden Lane last night, as our original headline put it. It looks like reporters were misdirected on Friday evening. This morning's reports say that Strauss-Kahn has found lodgings at 71 Broadway.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn is reportedly on his way to his new digs at 15 Maiden Lane, where he is to spend the next few days in a corporate apartment owned by Stroz Friedberg, in the heart of the old Diamond District, and the focus of the eponymous 1936 heist film. Weary reporters who have been trying to track Strauss-Kahn all day have been tweeting this evening about the growing throng of cameras at the "undisclosed" location.

Aside from its role in the Cesar Romero-Claire Trevor movie, the building houses a periodontist, the Children's Defense Fund of New York, an accounting firm, among other small to mid-sized businesses. There's also office space available for an enterprising press outfit that wants to do some really close coverage.

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