Donor Gives Honest Dallas Teen $4,000

After the city decided to keep $2,000 she found and turned in, teen is vindicated

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Today we have a feel-good follow-up to the frustrating news from yesterday that the City of Dallas planned to keep the unclaimed $2,000 that 15-year-old Ashley Donaldson found and turned in. An anonymous do-gooder from neighboring Fort Worth has come forward and donated $4,000 to the girl and her family as a reward for her honesty.

Late yesterday we got an update via the Dallas Observer saying that the city would give back the $2,000 if nobody claimed it for another 30 days and Donaldson waited still another 90 days. That means that if all goes well, Donaldson will get $6,000 for turning in the money. Not a bad haul for honesty at the end of the day.

Donaldson sounds vindicated after her disappointment yesterday. She told WFAA television, "Stand for what you believe is right, no matter what anyone says, no matter what they might think, it really doesn't matter. You have to know that you did the good thing."

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