DVD Sales Dive, While Netflix Soars

Add DVDs to the list of dying industries

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For the third year in a row, DVD sales declined in 2010. Though we sort of knew this was happening, the numbers are still pretty startling: revenue from DVDs fell a staggering 43.9 percent from 2009 to around $4.5 billion, and the percentage decline in total units produced was nearly equal.

The statistics come from SNL Kagan, and as Wade Holden notes in the company's write up, the numbers reflect the ways in which Americans are changing how they watch things.

The top chart above, which we put together from SNL Kagan's table, shows the decline in DVD sales in billions of dollars. It's worth noting that Blu-Ray revenue is not included in the figures, and actually increased in 2010. The bottom graph displays Netflix's stock, which has soared over roughly the same time period as the subscription service has steadily increased its streaming capabilities while continually adding subscribers. In terms of sheer subscription numbers, Netflix now rivals the nation's biggest cable company, Comcast. Unfortunately for movie studios, revenue from video-on-demand has not yet caught up with the loss of money from DVDs, according to Holden.

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