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A lot of people are talking about the Long Island serial killer, including Johns. Since most of the victims are thought to have been prostitutes, this investigation naturally affects their regular clients who, like pretty much every subculture, have a thriving community on the Web.

Chat forums such as Utopiaguide and Longislanderotic give johns a place to compare notes on their favorite service providers, talk generally about what they call the "hobby," and of course, chit chat about the news. We found a few threads dealing with the bodies discovered in recent months on Gilgo beach, and have extracted some highlights.

In one conversation on Utopiaguide (as you might expect, some of the content on a prostitution fan forum is NSFW), Johns talk about whether they would come forward if they knew anything about the victims or the crime, and whether that would do any good. A user named IvanP starts off:

I just want to throw something out there...As the rest of these women get identified would any of you step forward if you had information about them and their demise. Not that you were involved but maybe had been a previous acquaintance with one of them. If stepping forward would compromise your participation in the hobby would you still do it? I would...

It's a little hard to imagine what other clients might know that could really help the police, but Scott68 says he'd be willing to talk:

If I had relations with one of these girls and noticed or remembered something that could help, I would step up. Under those circumstances, it would also make sense to do so before they seek you out through backtracking cell phone records and come knocking.

In all honesty, do you guys think if you brought relevant info regarding this case to LE, they would look to hurt you?

When I say relevant, I mean if you remembered who they were running with, other girls, pimps, boyfriends.

But most, like justlooking, said they woulnd't say a thing.

Are you guys nuts? I wouldn't step up and give information in a million years. You'd really compromise yourself like that? Risk ruining your personal and professional life forever? REALLY????????

Early in the conversation, Fastsupra points out how hard it would be for the Johns to help, as the working girls don't use their real names, but the newspapers and police reports do.

I would think that anyone on here that is part of the hobby would step up but it would be hard to identify the girl from a name that they released. Maybe if they released a picture you could know if you had met the girl. What girl in the business would use her real name?

I hope they find this person sooner than later because I am sure that it will negatively affect people in this hobby while this investigation is going on. I would have to assume that any girl that is meeting someone in a situation like this has some confidant that she will let know where she is going and contact information about who she is meeting. At least I would hope so.

Pictures of the four victims found in December did eventually come out, and people started to recognize them.

"I recognize the Blonde advertising a lot,but haven't seen the others..." says Rogue, while Gavvy Cravath says: "Put blonde hair on Dalia, and she is a match for the girl in the top right. Rest in Peace." Less sympathetic is Fuhecu2:

something similar with all these girls..they either ripped guys off by stealing or providing bad service..these girls didnt deserve what they got but this could be a john who instead of being pissed off and writing poor reviews of the service, took a different approach

Over on Longislanderoticforum, users pointed to a thread about one of the victims — Amber-Lynn Costello, who went by Carolina — rippng off her clients. That's where the commenters start to get really nasty (before they knew she had been killed). One from a user named Morrie is particularly disturbing:

I would love to participate but since I recently go out fo the can, and just finished up my 2 weeks a year for the past 5 years for a wrongful fed RICO charge, I need to pass.

But if I get robbed by one of these bitches, I would go right back in and choke the fucker and her b/f too.
Stay Safe,
Might the killer haunt these forums? Police have said he hired the girls through Craigslist, so he's at least a little computer literate. But most of these guys seem like simple Johns, concerned for the safety of their pasttime and, just by the way, the women who make it possible.

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