The United States as seen by its residents

portland full.jpg

In Portland, Oregon, city dwellers experience "life under a canopy," the title given to this image by photographer Ian Sane. Additional selections from his excellent portfolio can be seen here.

Previously in this series: Venice Beach, California. Western Georgia. Cincinnati, Ohio.  Birmingham, Alabama. Clarksdale, Mississippi. New York, New York. The border between Arizona and Nevada. Detroit, Michigan. Key West, Florida.

Submission guidelines: We're seeking photographs that capture the look and feel of the United States as seen by those who live here, rather than the stock images of postcards and TV backdrops. Email photos to - doing so affirms that you hold all rights to the submission, and grants us permission to publish your photo at and in any future collection of What America Looks Like photographs.

Include the city and state where the image is taken, and as detailed a description as you're willing to offer. Also let us know if you've got a photo Web site or a link where a print of your photo is available for purchase.

Image credit: Ian Sane under a Creative Commons license.

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