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So the post office confused a couple icons, forgive them, they have bigger problems to worry about. Here's the mistake they made, it could've probably happened to anybody.

Instead of featuring the real 125-year-old New York-based Statue of Liberty on that quaint item people used to call a "stamp," the office featured the mugshot of its drearer Las Vegas cousin on its newest edition of the Liberty Forever stamp. A Statue of Liberty "super-fan" noticed this, and alerted the proper people.

The New York Times, trying to make this little meme a tad more interesting, tried to anthropomorphize the dueling lady liberties and explain the differences in plain language. "This Lady Liberty Is a Las Vegas Teenager," chuckled the Times headline, before pointing out that "to the average tourist, there are obvious differences. The Las Vegas statue is half the size of the real Statue of Liberty. And of course, they are in different cities." Here's the offending stamp:


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