From Sigmund Stern:

Setting: A grand, graceful, pesachdik location in St Kitts.

GUY: Wow, I can't believe it's Nissan again.

JAY-Z: L'chaim, bitches!

GUY: This takes me back to my first seder with Madge. Things change I guess, but the important thing is we still get together for our seder every year, and celebrate the story of Moses.

MOSES: What?

GUY: Yes, everyone, please welcome young Moses Paltrow-Martin. And can someone watch the door for Eli--Eli Roth, you know, from down the block.

ELI: Okay if I bring my friend?

GUY: Of course. You know us: Anyone who's hungry, let him come to our villa and eat. Wow, look at we have here!

QUENTIN: Whaddaya want? I got your midwestern cornfed whole wheat matzo, your Russian brutalist rye matzo, your good ol' American chocolate matzo, 3mm cherry matzo, caramel pecan chip matzo, and...

ALL: Wow.

QUENTIN: Yeah--one great fuckin BALL of matzo, for gebroks day.

Actually, Quentin Tarantino has attended seders, mainly at the director Eli Roth's house. From my profile of Tarantino a couple of years ago:

Eli Roth told me that Tarantino came to his home for Passover just as he was wrestling with the final act of (Inglourious) Basterds.

"I was his Jewish sounding board," Roth said. "'Would a Jew do this, would a Jew do that?' He kind of didn't have an ending. But after the seder, he said, 'I'm going home to finish.' He understood that we are still pissedoff about things that happened to us 3,000 years ago. At the end of the seder, we talked about how the Jewish thing was to remember, that there was no absolution."

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