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Tired of about hearing bed bugs? Now there's a new pest to worry about: stink bugs. Normally denizens of the mid-Atlantic coast, the Daily Mail is reporting that stink bugs are now present in 33 states across the country. At first this may not seem like a big deal--after all, stink bugs don't bite or suck blood--but they do produce a foul odor whether attacked or left alone, which means they make their presence known no matter what. If it's any solace, Brian Kunkel tells PhysOrg that stink bugs won't pose much of a problem until the late summer. "The adult stink bugs that were driving people crazy last fall will be giving birth this June and dying off soon afterwards. From now until then, they will be too busy feeding on plants in the landscape to spend much time around houses." Good thing we still have a few months to prepare for the upcoming siege of the stink bugs. In the meantime, don't kill any spiders, as Kunkel says the stink bug-eating creatures are one of the few effective defense against the pest.

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