It's Been a While Since I've Mentioned NMA of Taiwan

So I figure I can get away with showing another of Next Media Animation's mock-news CGI videos, this one about the legal ups and downs of Facebook. It covers the 9th Circuit's dismissal of the Winklevosses' suit against Mark Zuckerberg and the out-of-nowhere new suit by the figure NMA identifies as "felon Paul Ceglia." It's only 83 seconds long, and it's funny.

Inside-baseball note: in all its videos NMA is really good with its flame animations, for instance with the fires caused by cannonballs hitting the Good Ship Facebook starting 25 seconds in. The vision of Ceglia learning of Zuckerberg's riches, starting at around 37 seconds in, is aslo very nice.

In national-greatness mode I'll say: If the Taiwanese can do this, we can too! Plus, it's good language practice.