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Brooklyn's Carroll Gardens is one of the neighborhoods that defines the borough's rise to trendiness. Nicknamed "Stroller Gardens," its population has changed, over the last few decades, from primarily Italian-immigrant dockworkers to double-income families of graphic designers with children named Aiden or Olivia.

Many of the older businesses have disappeared, but one preserves the neighborhood's tradition of old-school Italian fare: Lucali pizzeria. Almost any evening of the week during pretty much any time of year, there will be a long, long wait to eat at Lucali, often with diners pacing the sidewalk out front. That sidewalk is where Mark Iacono, who owns the fantastically popular eatery, lay bleeding this afternoon after he was stabbed in what some outlets seem to be suggesting may have been a mob-related attack.

Iacono is reportedly in critial condition at Lutheran Medical Center, "with multiple stab wounds to his throat, back and legs," the New York Daily News reports. The restaurateur, who Eater points out has "alleged minor mob ties," was seen arguing with a man shortly before he was stabbed. "I don't think it was about money," a witness told the Daily News. "It seemed personal." Both men got agitated, then the other man reportedly pulled out a knife and stabbed Iacono. Over what, it's not clear.

What is clear is that the mob is having a harder and harder time in New York City, as a new round of trials starts against the leaders of one of the five main families. Pissing off yuppies isn't going to make things easier for them.

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