Delta Airlines Warned About Rats on Their Plane

After finding rodent waste on board, the FDA warns the carrier to clean its planes better

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Good and bad news for frazzled airline travelers today. The more heartening development first: now, when your airline carrier loses your luggage, you'll get the small comfort of being refunded the fee you paid for checking your lost bags. Just thank the Department of Transportation for what they've deemed "common sense" regulations.

The bad news for flyers? Well, one major U.S. airline carrier, Delta, had an unpleasant little rodent incident, the Wall Street Journal reports. Earlier this year rodent pellets were reportedly discovered near where flight attendants prepare food on one of its planes and also located "above door panels in the forward galley and above passenger seats."

Naturally, the Food and Drug Administration was a little concerned. And now they're warning the carrier that it needs to establish "proper preventative measures" in order to ensure there's not a "likely" recurrence of spotted said excrement on board.

Take comfort travelers, Delta believes this was simply "an isolated incident."

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