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The debate over whether In-N-Out or Five Guys offers America's best chain burger prompted a lot of debate, all of it spirited. Commenter Staysharp made the case for Five Guys...

I go to school in the East, and having had both, I have to hand Five Guys the victory. In-n-Out has notoriously bad fries and good burgers: Five guys has a different burger that is legitimately delicious in a greasy, melt-in-your-mouth sort of way, and their fries are fantastic (though they give WAY too many).

...while FSDC was squarely in the In-N-Out camp.

As someone who is from California and now resides on the East Coast, I wish that In N Out was the one invading. Five guys IMO has better fries, but for burgers I'd probably rather have a double double - especially when you consider Five Gives is twice as expensive.

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