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Dr. Lazar Greenfield might want to reconsider urging critics of his retracted editorial on the purported mood-elevating qualities of semen to read the original Surgery News piece "in the spirit in which it was intended" before lambasting him. Commenter and self-described "science nerd" WAknight suggests a reexamination will only raise more questions. He explains:

Maybe I'm a science nerd. But something pretty bad here is the idea that an editorial in a trade journal would neglect to examine other possible causes for the effect. Like say, being in a long-term relationship (which is when people are most likely to have unprotected sex) rather than being single or having more casual sexual encounters (shorter-term relationships, one-night stands, whatever). Not to say that 'commitment' is the sure road to happiness or that people can't be perfectly happy being celibate or sleeping around, but I seem to recall happiness surveys generally showing that people in long-term romantic relationships (marriage or long-term dating) tended to be happiest.

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