New York's Schools Chief Sinks to New Lows in Poll

NYC school chancellor's approval numbers continue to slide

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Former Hearst Magazines chairman Cathleen Black hasn't had it easy since Michael Bloomberg appointed her chancellor of the New York City school system. Black hasn't helped herself by quipping about birth-control as a potential solution to school over-crowding. Today a NY1/Marist poll shows may actually be getting worse for her fledgling public service career.

The poll shows that her job approval rating was down to just 17 percent. In February, her approval rating was 21 percent. It's an anemic number,  but, as Marist College Institute of Public Opinion director Lee M. Miringoff points out, the drop comes as her name recognition is growing. In February 35 percent of people polled said they hadn't heard of Black; in today's poll the number is down to just 23 percent. He tells The New York Times, "She’s getting slightly better known but not better received.” With an already-hostile press, it's safe to assume things aren't going to get any better for Black if these numbers don't improve.

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