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Accused WikiLeaks whistleblower Bradley Manning will be transferred to a new, less-restrictive prison at a Fort Leavenworth, Kansas facility. He's now entitled to eat in the dining room with other inmates, as well as engage in outdoor recreation, payphone use and other services that were deprived of him.

Previously, the U.S. soldier was being held in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day in at a Marine base in Quantico, Virginia, where his harsh imprisonment conditions were widely-criticized. He then was transferred to the army prison in Fort Leavenworth a little over a week ago, and now has approval to mingle with other medium-security inmates.

Here's what the alleged WikiLeaker's new 26-by-6-foot cell looks like, according to the AFP:

[It] contains a simple bed, a metal toilet welded to the wall, a table and a stool, a picture handed to journalists showed.

And what his new routine will be:

He will rise at 5:00 am and sleep at 10:00 pm, his day organized around meals in the naturally-lit cafeteria, housekeeping activities, visits, recreation and time in the library -- without Internet access.

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