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If you're reading this sentence, congratulations--you've successfully survived another April 15th. Considering the somber and violent nature of past April 15s, this is an accomplishment. A timeline of Tax Day's bloody history.

  • 1071 For example, it was a bad day for the Byzantines. They lost the Italian city Bari to the Normans 940 year ago.
  • 1450 English archers proved no match for French canons at the Battle of Formigny (depicted right). England suffered 3,200 casualties and the French quickly recaptured Normandy, en route to winning the Hundred Years' War.
  • 1632¬† Swedish forces defeated the Holy Roman Empire's army at the Battle of Lech during the Thirty Years' War. Combined, the two sides suffered 5,000 casualties--2,000 Swedish, 3,000 Catholic League.
  • 1715 Yamasee warriors raided an outpost Pocotaligo, South Carolina, killing 160 fur traders. The tribe would¬† be nearly wiped out by colonists in the subsequent fighting .
  • 1865 Abraham Lincoln dies.
  • 1912 The Titanic sinks. 1,157 passengers and crew members are killed.
  • 1927 Following a winter of heavy rainfall, the Mounds Landing, Mississippi levee breaks, the start of the most damaging flood in U.S. 145 other levees would break along the Mississippi River, resulting in $400 million in property damages and 246 deaths.
  • 1941 The Nazis bomb Belfast, killing more than 900.
  • 1955 The first McDonald's opens in Des Plaines, Illinois.
  • 1969 North Korean figher jet shoot down an American reconnaissance plane over the Sea of Japan. All 31 crew members perish.
  • 1979 A 7.0 earthquake hits eastern Europe. 100,000 homes are destroyed and 136 die across Yugoslavia and Albania

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