Scalia Gets Summoned; The President Visits Harlem

Also in today's Smart Set: A Johnson & Johnson heiress shows no hard feelings

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The president dines in an ambivalent Harlem, a Supreme Court justice gets a traffic summons, a filmmaker takes a subtle swipe with a fashion line, and news anchors can hardly stay in their chairs. Exciting times in today's Smart Set.

  • Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia got a ticket on Tuesday for his role in a four-car crash on the George Washington Parkway. Former NBC reporter Brooke Salkoff, who was driving behind Scalia's black BMW, saw the whole thing. Scalia's car "slammed into the car in front of his, which pushed the other two forward,” and caused them all to skew into the right lane," she told Reliable Source. Scalia made it in time to hear arguments in the massive Walmart lawsuit, but the Source is left wondering about the big question: Will he take the ticket to court? [Washington Post]
  • President Barack Obama held a fundraising dinner Tuesday night at Marcus Samuelsson's Red Rooster in Harlem, where crowds had a mixed reaction to his presence. Guests at the $30,800-per-plate dinner included DNC treasurer and Playboy (and Esquire and Time) columnist Andy Tobias, Chelsea Piers LP president Tom Bernstein and his wife Andrea, and Michael Kempner, president and CEO of PR firm MWW Group and a member of the White House Council for Community Solutions. [NY Observer]
  • Filmmaker and Johnson & Johnson heir Jamie Johnson is now getting into fashion design, and at the debut of his Black Sweater line socialites such as Vanity Fair contributing editor Todd Eberle and filmmaker JC Khoury were thick on the ground. Rumors that Johnson had been "shunned from polite society" after his documentary Born Rich appear to be untrue, or at least outdated, the Observer noted, but from the very name of Johnson's collection, it would appear she hasn't forgotten: "The name comes from a WASP legend, in which an upper-class grande dame would send black cashmere sweaters to individuals she wished to banish from society for indecent behavior." [NY Observer]
  • Juju Chang, correspondent and anchor for Good Morning America since December, 2009, is leaving the show to join Nightline. Her replacement: ESPN sportscaster Josh Elliot. According to her Wikipedia page, Chang plans to continue her work as a contributor to 20/20 and ABC's World News Tonight. [NY Post]
  • Perhaps taking a queue from James Woolsey, CNN's Morning Express anchor Robin Meade performed at Birdland Jazz Club on Monday, with Headline News colleagues Joy Behar and Jane Valez-Mitchell joining her onstage. Meade actually has a country album in the works, called Brand New Day, set for release in June. [NY Post]
  • WVOX Radio president William O'Shaughnessy has a new book out and he's waving it in the face of USA Today critic Bob Minze­sheimer. Minzesheimer once refused to review O'Shaughnessy's anthology on the grounds that it was a "New York" book, a slight the radio boss "wears with pride." According to Gatecrasher, "he says that although his new book, 'Vox Populi,' 'still probably wouldn't pass muster' with Minzesheimer, he's delighted with the response it's gotten from Gothamites, including Mario Cuomo." [NYDN]
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