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There was blood in the water last week when an NPR exec's taped comments set off a scandal about the much-maligned, and partially federally-funded organization and it was only a matter of time before the GOP turned outraged rhetoric into outraged action. Here it comes: Talking Points Memo reports that House Republicans have called an "emergency" meeting of the Rules Committee on Wednesday to look at legislation separate from the ongoing budget negotiation that would permanently bar funding from NPR and affiliate stations.

HR-1076 was introduced by Republican congressman Doug Lamborn of Colorado, who has been one of the more vocal advocates of stripping public broadcasting of its funding. ("Big Bird needs to be pushed out of the nest," he's quoted in The Wall Street Journal recently.) The House had already passed an amendment to its Continuing Resolution that would have taken away funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting--which doles money out to both NPR and PBS--but the bill was defeated in the Senate. Budget negotiations are still underway.

From Politico about the proposed bills chances:

It is unlikely the standalone bill would clear the Senate, even if passed, or that the President would sign such an initiative into law.

Politico notes that House Majority Eric Cantor's office has confirmed that they will bring the bill to the floor on Thursday.

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