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When New York Times executive editor Bill Keller called viewers of Fox News "among the most cynical people on planet Earth" during a Q&A session last Thursday with City College of New York journalism students, we immediately began to wonder which of the network's heavy hitters would be first to address the topic in a public forum. Glenn Beck? He's active on Twitter, and could use the ratings bump. What about Bill O'Reilly? This O'Reilly-is-actually-quite-reasonable talk has to be driving him nuts. Maybe John Gibson? His show was cancelled three years ago, but he always seemed like a team player.

The answer was none of the above. First whack at Keller went to Fox contributor Liz Trotta--that's right, the Liz Trotta--on Saturday afternoon. After a slow start in which she confusingly curiously deemed Keller 'mildly photogenic' and read from the dictionary, Trotta hit her stride late in the segment, dismissing the Times as a "throwaway newspaper...dissolving in red ink."



Your move, Handsome Bill Keller.

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