Comment of the Day: Explaining Glenn Beck's Decline

It's the economy, stupid

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Glenn Beck's ratings are plummeting and Fox executives are reportedly not sold on renewing his contract past the end of this. How to explain this rapid turn of events? Commenter bmortimer says it's a simple case of supply and demand. When the supply of jobs is low, demand for talk show hosts with hard-to-follow pet theories is high. When the supply of jobs is high, well...

'I wonder if the explanation for Beck's loss of viewership is simpler: unemployment is trending down and consumer confidence is up.'

And be sure to check out Open Wire, where you can share comments, tips, and links to stories you think we should be covering. Today SeanAKerr directed us toward a stunning segment on homeless children from last night's 60 Minutes

Shocked by 60 Minutes report on homeless children aired last night.

Perhaps politicians eager to throw tax breaks at the ultra rich need to get their priorities straight.

If those numbers are true, then this is truly a tragic situation that elected officials might want to address sooner than later.

Some leadership on the issue is imperative and it doesn't matter which side of the aisle brings forward solutions...maybe this can "unite" reds and blues?

Kids are hungry and homeless through no fault of their own...Now is the time to our own people!

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