Video: How to Get Caught Growing Pot

Call 911 for information--this man did

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Clearly learning nothing from TV, Farmington, Connecticut's Robert Michelson decided that the best way to find out how much trouble he could get into for growing marijuana wasn't to be discreet and quietly ask around. Instead, Michelson, in a bold, quasi-journalistic move, decided to try the authorities for the absolute, final word on how illegal it was for him to pursue his entrepreneurial dream: he called 911, essentially inviting the police to come by and arrest him (which they did--he's out on bail).

In case Michelson's looking for some tips, two shows he could add to his Netflix list are Weeds and most definitely The Wire: Michelson didn't even try to hide--he didn't use a disposable cellphone or a payphone. Even D'Angelo and Poot knew better, and they were just beginners. Hell, Walter knew better.

Below, the audio to his big moment:

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