Video: Hannity Calls Imam Guest 'One Sick, Miserable, Evil SOB'

A very long, incendiary "debate" between the Fox News host and a radical Imam

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Sean Hannity hosted radical Imam Anjem Choudary on his program last night. And, yes, the excruciating fifteen minute war-of-words did culminate with a flustered Hannity grumbling "you're one sick, miserable, evil SOB, but thank you for coming on anyway." But, in fairness to Hannity, Choudary's pretty far out there, admitting that he thinks adulterers should be stoned and that Sharia will one day be practiced worldwide. Nor is Hannity he only cable news anchor to dress down Choudary. Eliot Spitzer hosted the Imam before referring to him as a "heinous terrorist" and Fareed Zakaria remarked that debating with Choudary was like "having a debate with a pure Marxist."

So that's just a little background before you watch a back-and-forth "between two people who absolutely loathe the existence of one another," as Mediaite's Matt Schneider delicately put it.

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