Glenn Beck Is Right

Pete Wehner has launched another of his intemperate attacks on the American patriot Glenn Beck. This latest scurrilous attack was prompted by Beck's criticism of Bill Kristol, a Wehner ally and an advocate, like Wehner, of a worldwide Muslim caliphate. (To be sure, Wehner and Kristol have spoken out against a worldwide Muslim caliphate, but I have proof, which I will reveal at a later date, perhaps on the next-to-last day of the Mayan calendar, that Wehner and Kristol are Ottoman restorationists, as well as thespians and mohels.) Wehner, in his blog on the jihadist magazine Commentary's website, writes:

Beck lectures Kristol on the dangers of "getting into bed with dictators." It's "really something the left does and not something the right should do." But of course Bill's position on Egypt is that America ought to get out of bed with dictators. That's the main point of Kristol's editorial, after all. And whether you agree with Kristol or not, he has been a strong advocate for the so-called Freedom Agenda, which argues that in the past the United States, in opting for "stability" over liberty in the Middle East, has gotten neither.

Wehner then goes on to disparage Beck's acute understanding of world politics, which he suggest is both "feverish" and "conspiratorial." Oh, Mr. Wehner, what you don't understand! Here is Beck on the coming collapse:

Morocco -- important, significant al-Qaeda activity. The king has been battling. But if you go back here, you have - - remember, this is Iraq. Look at what you're surrounded by.

Iraq is really important, especially to the Shiites, especially to the Twelvers who are in charge of this country right now. Because what is in Iraq? There's one place that we told our bombers not to bomb. Does anybody know what it was?

Two wars in Iraq. We said no bombing there. Ancient Babylon. Ancient Babylon. Why? Because the Bible tells us that that is the seat -- right here -- of power of a global, evil empire.

Well, that's also where the 12th imam from Iran is supposedly going to show up. Everybody on this side wants ancient Babylon for their caliphate.

He goes on:

Turkey was originally the seat of the Ottoman Empire, the last caliphate. It's now modern day Turkey. It has Islamist government that is moving aggressively pro-Iran, anti-Israel.

Saudi Arabia, God help them, I don't know what happens to those guys. And the Gulf States are all nearly defenseless and tiny, all of them, throw them in. Do you have it?

Now, what happens? You move over to Asia and grab the ones -- once this dominoes starts to fall and the Muslims start to see oh, my gosh, we might have a caliphate. We might be able to have Islam impose Sharia law all over the globe. You start to lose all of Asia.

Now, let's go up this way, shall we? Turkey's prime minister came out and supported today the Egypt protesters. Morocco. Morocco -- if Morocco flips, it puts pressure on Portugal and Spain. It could close off the Strait of Gibraltar, which is right here.

We all know how weak this entire area. The Iberian Peninsula is very weak.

What about this don't you understand, Mr. Wehner? Is it not shockingly clear to you? Glenn Beck has performed a great service for us, by highlighting the weakness of the Iberian Peninsula (the foremost challenge facing American policymakers at this moment, obviously)  and the role ancient Babylon will play in the coming campaign for the worldwide imposition of Muslim law. Combine this trenchant analysis of Muslim politics with his recent attempt to highlight the pernicious work of the nine most evil people in world history, eight of whom, entirely coincidentally, are Jewish, and you should begin to get the picture.
Of course, the conspiracy goes deeper than Beck has yet revealed; I'm hoping that, in coming days, if the Freemasons, working in concert with Hezbollah and the Washington Redskins, don't succeed in suppressing the truth, that Beck will reveal the identities of the most pernicious players in this grotesque campaign to subvert our way of life. I can't reveal too much here, but I think it's fair to say that Beck will be paying a lot of attention in the coming weeks to the dastardly, pro-caliphate work of Joy Behar; the makers of Little Debbie snack cakes; the 1980s hair band Def Leppard; Omar Sharif; and the Automobile Association of America. And remember, you read it here first.