Fat-Hating Men, Meet Racist-Hating Women

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Men! Men, men, men. So steadfast in their ways! So devoted to their habits! Men don't change. Women? They adapt. Women change with the times. Women won't even date racists anymore. But men? Men are they same they've always been: NO FAT CHICKS.

What prompts this observation? Take a look at a recent Well column at The New York Times. Digging into their dating data goldmine, eHarmony has analyzed the top 10 things men and women say are their "must haves" and "can't stands" in relationships--dealbreakers. The lists have a great deal of overlap--both men and women want someone who's kind, loyal, honest, etc., and do not want druggies or liars or cheaters. But the men and women differed on their ninth and tenth most-hated quality, respectively, The New York Times' Tara Parker-Pope reports. Women won't tolerate a racist. Men can't accept ladies with "excessive overweight."

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