Comments of the Week: Great Beer at the Red Cross

Also, some analysis of the situation in Bahrain

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We comment therefore we are.Comments are our little footprints in the digital sand. You can even comment on these comments--hell, even comment on the comment's comments. It's a three-day weekend, so go comment-wild. Here are some of our picks from the past week.

To start us off, DEKSOFT gave his own humorous lyrics to the traditional song regarding chaos in the Middle East, with Google exec Wael Ghonim as modern day Moses.

"When Wael was in Egypt Land, Let My People Go!
He begged for liberty and freedom and he took a stand, Let My People Go!
Go down, Wael, way, way down to Egypt Land,
Tell Old Pharaoh Mubarak, Let My People Go!"

weighed in with a little more gravity on the continuing unrest that's now spread to Bahrain and Libya and the United States' fraught role.

"I suspect the administration is nearing its wit's end as its choices become increasingly unsavory. Condemn a guy you just lauded the other week, or stay silent as he murders his citizens. Abstain on a measure to condemn Israeli settlements, or blast your own words as an 'obstacle to peace.'"

Chris G
had Google on the brain, and offered up his own analysis of why the company might be losing its edge: they're geeks, pure and simple.

"Another PROBLEM with Google is that it's run predominantly by geeky engineers. Yes, that's a problem. Sure, they're smart and can produce what you want in a raw format. But there are only so many people out there who have time and the wherewithal to try and pour through raw format. Take Google products such as Gmail and Wave. Gmail is incredibly powerful, but the interface is TERRIFICALLY obtuse. I gather Wave had all the same features of Facebook, but who the heck had the time to figure that monster out?"

And then everyone went on strike in Wisconsin, and JKMas noted that:

"We can't dial back labor relations to the late 19th Century, and we can't treat white collar professionals like part-time employees at Wal-Mart or McDonald's. To address these issues, it's going to require both lawmakers and educators to grow up a little, and that clearly isn't on display in Wisconsin."

Remember the Red Cross' little Twitter slip-up? Apparently when they're not drawing blood they're are drinking decent beer. In wake of the numerous recent Twitter flame-outs, PERFECTCIRCLES found the Red Cross's we're-humans-too-response appealing.

"I'd rather work for the Red Cross than CNN."

FloridaInternational approved their choice of brew:

"That is a solid beer, good for the tweeters."

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