Why Airports Are so Exposed to Terrorism

A Goldblog reader writes:

You've been saying that the TSA security lines are the most dangerous places in airports, because people are bunched up and exposed. But what about the other unsecured places in airports? Do you ever go to restaurants outside security?

Never, never, never. I never go to restaurants outside the security checkpoints, and I never shop outside the security checkpoints. Apparently, the Moscow bombing took place near a cafe in an arrivals hall. Obviously, a very exposed place. The pre-security areas of American airports, including the baggage claim areas, are utterly exposed. Why are they such good targets? Because terrorists understand that they don't need to actually blow a plane out of the sky in order to bring air travel to a halt. If they target the airports themselves, who will fly? Or, let me rephrase: Who will fly until governments and airport authorities figure out ways to secure these unsecured areas?