What Does Your State Do Best?

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One Block Off The Grid, reasoning that every U.S. state must be a leader in something, has highlighted all the quirky claims to fame it could find in a snazzy map of the United States. Some highlights:

  • Colorado "ranks #1 for beer production, but not beer bellies. In 2010 Colorado was named the skinniest state."
  • Illinois "has the highest rate of gang membership in the country."
  • Nevada "is #1 in teen pregnancies, home foreclosures, and meth use, but it also has more mountain ranges than any U.S. state."
  • Oregon was recently identified by OKCupid "as the most gay curious state in the country. It also has the most ghost towns."
  • West Virginia "has the highest percentage of adults 65 and over who have had all of their natural teeth extracted."

Curious about your state? Check it out:

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