Video: 'Tiger Mother' Appears on Colbert

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"Can I get you a bicycle to backpedal any faster here?" quipped the Comedy Central host when Amy Chua responded "false" to a question about whether Chinese mothers raise their children better than Western parents. This is surprising, of course, because the Yale professor has become famous for her Wall Street Journal op-ed explaining "Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior," a shorter version of her book. But, as Colbert prodded, it became evident why Chua answered "false" to the child-rearing question: "I do not believe that Chinese mothers are superior...[the book] is about how I was humbled by a thirteen thirteen my younger daughter really rebelled and...I retreated a little bit, I gave her more choice."

 She then proceeds to detail how anyone can be a "Chinese Mother" (even Colbert!), and why giving 5-year-olds the freedom to pursue their dreams might just result in more TV time:

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