Soon in This Space: Revised 'SOTU' Annotation

Late last night, while my house was out of electricity, phone service, heat, etc from the latest DC snowstorm (conditions still prevailing 18 hours later -- but this time I have sympathy for Pepco, the beleaguered local power company, because we saw the transformer box literally explode last night, in a fury of electric-blue arc light), my Atlantic colleagues put up the regular annotation of the latest State of the Union address.

Unfortunately, as I didn't realize until getting back to an electric source and seeing it now, the version we posted was full of small errors -- cutting off annotations partway through, or matching them to the wrong phrases in the speech. So that version is down for repairs at the moment. Will come back up when the right comments match the right parts of the speech. Thanks for your patience -- and meanwhile, thanks and congrats to the wonderful Baker / Guajardo / Tierney / Wallace guest team. 

UPDATE: It's back, here. And, less encouraging update: the Pepco "repair" map says that there won't be any power in nearly all of our zip code until ... Sunday night at 11pm, 100+ hours after the storm. Brrrr and hmmm.