Sargent Shriver

Sargent Shriver, who died today at age 95, was a great and inspiring man. I heard many tales about him over the years from my mentor Charles Peters, who before founding the Washington Monthly had worked closely with Shriver at the Peace Corps.

Fortunately there is a book that does justice to the range, richness, and improbability of Shriver's life and character. That is the full-length biography Sarge, by the Atlantic's own Scott Stossel. Scott has an appreciation today on our site that suggests the grace and charm of Sargent Shriver and also the tone and revelations of his book. You'll be glad if you take the time to read his post. I am glad that Shriver lasted long enough to share memories for this book -- though, as you'll read, his fading memory itself became a biographer's challenge -- and that Scott Stossel stuck with it long enough to give a formidable man his due.