Pepco: No More Mr. Nice Guy

Today this site's readers are getting some highly diverse guest testimony -- Xujun Eberlein introducing the mystery of the American-run "concentration camp" near Chongqing that is legendary inside China and unknown in the United States; Bruce Holmes, long of NASA, on what a "Sputnik moment" looks like from the inside -- plus hearing from the plain old regular host too. This time with an update on how Pepco, the DC-area electric company, is responding to widespread complaints about even more widespread, days-long power outages caused by a 6" snow storm last week. (As noted here, here, and here.)

Problem: lots of tree branches falling onto power lines. Solution! The scene out the front window early today:


The wood lying on the truck bed had been standing along the street, in the form of trees, when dawn broke. I'm fully signed up for the idea that you can complain about a 45-hour heat-and-power loss, or you can complain about cutting down trees, but you can't gracefully complain about both. So I will say that I'm impressed by Pepco's look-ahead, "how do you like us now?" attitude, and I trust that the storm that's coming tomorrow will leave the juice on. We don't have much firewood left after last week's storm. Now I turn the stage back to the guests.