How Do You Summarize the Bible in One Sentence?

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How would you condense the message of the Bible into a single sentence? Would you focus on moral imperatives gleaned from the Ten Commandments, the healing or redemptive properties of Jesus, the apocalyptic excess of Revelations? Or would you simply try to cram the entire Old Testament arc into the first half of the sentence and then follow suit with the New Testament? Even if you don't currently devote the majority of your time to Biblical studies it's an intriguing quandary.

This, however, is precisely the quandary blogger Dane Ortland, a Senior Editor in the Bible division at Crossway BooksRecently, recently presented to 25 biblical scholars and pastors. Here are a few of the responses that he received (full list here):

  • Ray Ortlund - "The Lover of our souls won't let the romance die, but is rekindling it forever."
  • John Frame - "God glorifies himself in the redemption of sinners."
  • Mark Seifrid - "Verbum caro factum est" [Translated: "the word was made flesh"]

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