Happy Hour Vid: Is Doritos Mocking Christians?

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Produced for the Super Bowl, Doritos debuted a fan-created TV ad featuring a pastor who gets parishioners to go to church by handing out nacho cheese flavored chips as communion bread (as opposed to the traditional thin wafers) and Pepsi as wine. The ad apparently has raised some eyebrows, Fox reported it as "Controversial Dorito Ad Accused of Mocking Catholics" (though it's not immediately apparent that the ad is mocking Catholics rather than Christians in general*) and Fox News' Megyn Kelly wondered if "they crossed the line" with the spot. Fox Panelist Lars Larson, a radio host, certainly seemed to think so. "You would not do this to Muslims," he declared, before later saying this:

I have a friend, Rebecca, who drinks diet Pepsi all day long and the fact is, is that she doesn't believe that diet Pepsi is Jesus' blood, and to mock this communion service by saying were going to turn the body, the flesh of Jesus Christ into Doritos, I think it's offensive and I don't think it should be done. God obviously has a sense of humor--he gave us the Democrat party.

[H/T: Frances Martel at Mediaite]

* The clergyman at the beginning is referred to as a "pastor," more common among Protestants, who certainly also take Communion.

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