Catholic Church Looking for a Few Good Exorcists

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We were taken aback last week by the news the Vatican was teaming up with the Discovery Channel for a reality show called The Exorcist Files. Why would the Catholic Church want the network responsible for Cash Cab pawing through its secret case files and talking to its reclusive specialists?

Because they no longer have a choice. That's the takeaway from a new Baltimore Sun piece detailing a recent exorcist training seminar in the Charm City. Held in November at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront (!), the two-day event trained more than 100 bishops and priests in diagnostics amidst an upswing in suspected demonic possession. Bishop Thomas J. Paprocki tells the Sun exorcism requests have been unusually high for "the last five years or so," and not every diocese can meet the demand.

"We have only a small number of priests who have any training in this area in the United States," explained Paprocki. "Every diocese should really have its own resources."

Or, barring that, a cable package that includes the Discovery Channel.

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