Standing Up for Tolerance, Swedish-Style

The Washington Post reports on the aftermath of what appears to be a suicide bomb attack in Stockholm:

Sweden's prime minister on Sunday urged the country to "stand up for tolerance" after a botched terrorist attack in central Stockholm highlighted signs of growing Islamic extremism across the usually peaceful Scandinavian region.

Fredrik Reinfeldt condemned Saturday's attack, in which a suspected suicide bomber was killed, as an assault on Sweden's open society that risked inflaming racial tensions in a country with a large Muslim population.

The incident followed recent warnings from Sweden's security service of an increased threat from Islamic extremists and came amid a Norwegian investigation into a suspected terrorist plot aimed at neighboring Denmark.

Two observations: First, this attack is obviously the Israel lobby's fault. Second: It seems to me that Sweden's prime minister delivered only half the correct message. It is wise and just to stand up for tolerance in the wake of an attack that could bring misery to innocent Muslims, but another message that needs to be delivered is that Sweden --and the entire West, for that matter -- will be resolutely intolerant of murder in the name of religion, and will fight the murderers, rather than simply try to downplay their crimes and motivations. It's not easy to balance these two competing missions -- protecting the innocent and fighting the guilty --  but  it is important to try.