Quote of the Day: Britain Disgusted by Its Own Search Terms

The Telegraph's Iain Hollingshead picks apart Google's annual list

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"We’ve suspected it for some time; now we finally have the proof. Britain is a nation of lonely, cheapskate, binge-eating, celebrity-obsessed voyeurs with rubbish taste in music. ... Google appears to have unwittingly taken on a Godly air--not only all-knowing and all-seeing, but also the person we go to at the end of the day with our problems.

"If the nation isn't 'loving' or 'hating', it's 'wanting' and 'feeling'. Popular versions include: 'I want…' money; out; popcorn; and, of course, love. Meanwhile, 'I feel…' fat, lonely and depressed--which is a little how I feel after reading this report."
- The Telegraph's Iain Hollingshead, reviewing Google's annual release of the year's popular search terms (Google Zeitgeist 2010)
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