Is Megan McArdle a Government Agent?

Apparently, the Internets think that Megan is a government agent assigned the important task of marginalizing Ron Paul. One of her interlocutors wrote, "I'm not saying she's some kind of goverment agent but if they did create an agent to discredit Ron Paul and others, he/she would say alot of things McArdle says."

Says Megan: "I think the really important question here is: what agency do I work for?  Can you discern a pattern in my posts, or have I managed to throw people off trail with carefully calibrated criticism of the agency?  Inquiring minds--by which I mean the shadowy government overlords who write my performance reviews--want to know."

It's kind of an open secret around The Atlantic offices that Megan actually works for the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. Most of the time, when she's not blogging, she's tasking satellites that have been programmed to track Ron Paul's thoughts as they arrive from outer space.