Good News for The Atlantic

The NY Times this morning has a nice story about a more-than-nice development for our magazine: significant profits for The Atlantic in 2010, a year that has been very tough for journalism as a whole.

At a company-wide meeting on Friday to announce the results, David Bradley, our owner and chairman, asked how many people had been with the company for a year or less. It seemed to me that a hearteningly large number of hands -- not quite half the total crowd, but in that ballpark -- went up, from young recruits to our business and web and events and editorial teams. I have been with the magazine a lot longer than that, joining not in the past year nor the past decade but as a young recruit myself back when Jimmy Carter (!) was still in the White House.

The magazine has had a lot to be proud of editorially in that time, and it has known business success at other points in its 153-year history. It was flush enough in the 1950s to publish a 70-page special supplement -- on Burma! But in my long time with the magazine, this is by far the best business news we've had. It makes everything else easier. Congratulations to all my colleagues in different parts of the magazine, who really do work as a teamĀ  -- including Bob Cohn, whom I mention (as I could many other people) because he came from Wired to head our online edition but was not in the NYT piece. And thanks to all in our extended community -- readers, cherished subscribers, advertisers, sponsors and attendees at our "Ideas" conferences, visitors to and commenters at our web site, and all who have given The Atlantic and its work part of your attention and your business. We are grateful.